Mindful – Calming – Kind

Inspired largely by my wild, country surroundings, Aesmo was born to create calming spaces. I wanted to immortalise the things which brought significant moments of peace and restfulness to my over-active, anxious brain. Those things for me are life, love and light; which I try to encompass in each piece I create.

Colour is used carefully and deliberately to create a welcoming environment for each illustrated subject. I tend to lean towards warmer neutrals, and earthy, ‘sunset on the beach’ hues. Finding only colours that you would observe in Nature herself.

Mental, Environmental and Social peace are hugely important to me, and thus to my work. Which is why I choose to donate a percentage of all sales from my webshop and Etsy to a different charity each quarter. You can read more about my eco promise here.

I am currently (4th quarter 2020) donating to Black Minds Matter UK. A charity who seek to make specialists and therapists accessible for all black people struggling with their mental health in the UK.

A little back story...

I was brought up on farms in the rural Scottish Borders, where days were spent making mud pies, jumping on huge piles of hay bales and building dens in the endless, ancient woodland with my brother, Aonghas and our sister, Emma.

After Aonghas’ passing in 2009, I moved with my Dad to Asturias briefly in Northern Spain, and then to the depths of Central Portugal. Here I lived for 4 years with my Mum, who had set out to create a permaculture project on her own wee piece of land called Quinta do Vale in the Serra do Açor mountains. We lived in a Yurt (a large, traditional Mongolian canvas tent), with the very basics. Electricity was powered by our solar panels and was a treasured and finite commodity. Showers were taken in freezing waterfalls in all months of the year with an adapted shower head, made from a funnel and watering can head. Vegetables were grown, grapes were squished in big barrels with scrubbed-clean feet, and many, many, many courgettes were consumed in all (and any) various recipes. Summer days were for wild-swimming, Magnum double caramels and tosta mistas. Nothing else.

After many trials and failed attempts to rejoin school in Portugal, I decided to head back over to the UK in 2013 at the age of 16 and began college near the small town of Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, settled in between Manchester and Leeds. I worked part-time with local designer and wonderful friend Hannah Nunn, without whose mentorship, I very much doubt I would be doing what I am today! 

I began Aesmo right at the end of 2019, and I also have a Brand & Web Design business which I began at the beginning of 2019. It was a busy year! After spending 7 years in Hebden Bridge, Luke (my Hebden born partner) and I decided to move back up to Scotland to carve out a small piece of this world for ourselves.

My entire family are self-employed, or doing their own thing, which has undoubtedly helped too. My Mum still lives out in Portugal at Quinta do Vale, and my Dad who moved back from Asturias to the UK after 8 years over there is now travelling this island in his van whilst making beautiful Itinerant Treasure.

My sister Emma who created and owned award-winning floristry business Stems passed away suddenly in August 2020. We planned on taking over the business world together, so I’m going to try my best!